My sculptural work is in part influenced by an obsession since childhood of fantastical stories in fairy tales, mythology and folklore.  Aesthetically, I am also influenced by anything vintage, especially old toys, dolls and buttons.  Taking bits from stories I read, hear or remember and infusing my own experiences, thoughts and observations creates something completely new with roots rich in ancestral reflection and common human encounters.  

In addition to employing my first love of sculptural ceramics, I’ve also enjoy the freedom of working with multiple mediums such as wood, paint, metal, wire, paper, fabric and found objects.  Initial thoughts and sketches are always a starting point, but method and material have begun to actually inform where a piece will eventually end up.  All my ceramic work is handbuilt and multiple kiln fired with various stains and glazes as well as some post-fire treatments.

Every art piece available through Mud Spun Studio is hand made individually by me and with my high quality standard.  Each piece is genuinely well crafted and carefully packed to ensure the piece you receive is exactly what you imagine, or more.  

Please feel free to email or call with questions or to see and purchase currently available work.  Thank you so much for your interest!

Michele Smith

Ceramic & Mixed Media Artwork by Michele Smith
Michele Smith  ~  Mud Spun Studio  ~  317-431-6887

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